lunedì 19 ottobre 2015

Margherita Boniver all'AICR

Oggetto: AICR: your conversation on Monday Oct 19th
Dear On. Margherita Boniver, 

The American International Club of Rome (AICR), is going back to the successful
tradition of organizing Conversation luncheons with distinguished guests.

To this end, on behalf of the AICR, I am delighted  to learn that you have accepted our
invitation of giving the first Conversation on "The Syrian Tragedy, the Refugee Crisis,
the Unraveling of Europe." 

I am pleased to inform you that among the days that you indicated, to our valuable
Board Member, Damiana La Pera, the AICR decided on Monday, October 19th.

Therefore, the event will take place on Monday, Oct. 19th ,  12:45-14:30,  at Hotel
Savoy, Via Ludovisi, 15 (off Via Veneto).

At 12:45 p.m. a welcome aperitif will be offered,  the Conversation will start at 1:20
p.m; at about 1:40 p.m., lunch will be served.

Regarding the possible  questions that may arise from participants, you,  yourself,  may
decide how to handle them: soon after the Conversation, or after dessert and while
having coffee.

I look forward to meeting you personally and I thank you for your availability and
willingness to give your time to AICR.

Best Regards,
Carol Markino
AICR President 2015-2016
cell 3383242925                        

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